Largest denomination bill zimbabwe

Aug 16, 2009 · The largest denomination of the Pound ever printed for circulation was the One Thousand Pound note issued between 1725 and 1745. The largest denomination of the British Pound currently in circulation is the Fifty Pound note. A One Hundred Pound note was issued from 1725 to 1943... Apr 17, 2015 · The largest bill currently in circulation in the US is $100. Distribution of all larger denominations ($500, $1,000, $5,000, and $10,000) was halted in July 1969 by presidential order. Those ... The same thing happened in Zimbabwe during the years 2007 - 2008, and you can see it clearly in this nice set of Zimbabwe bills from that period. The set includes all the bills printed during that era, up to the largest one, which had so many zeros in it, the bill had to be made bigger and the print made smaller, just to get the number one ... TravelBuzz - Large currency denominations COMMONLY in use - Originally Posted by B747-437B I've struggled to use €50 bills at many places in the Eurozone. €100 and €200 are almost always politely declined.