Symmetricom ptp grandmaster

Symmetricom's TimeProvider® 5000 Grandmaster Clock Recognized by LTE World Series ... (PTP), Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE), and Network Time Protocol (NTP) in the marketplace today and is the ... SAN JOSE, Calif. — Sept. 23, 2009 — Symmetricom®, Inc. (NASDAQ: SYMM), a worldwide leader in precise time and frequency technologies that accelerate the deployment and enable the management of next generation networks, today announced the XLi IEEE 1588 PTP v2 Grandmaster, a GPS referenced grandmaster clock and IEEE 1588 measurement and validation tool supporting Precision Time Protocol ... Symmetricom says that Alcatel-Lucent conducted extensive testing of IEEE 1588 grandmaster synchronization offerings and selected Symmetricom based on its levels of performance, redundancy, and ... View online or download Symmetricom TimeProvider 5000 User Manual ... We have 2 Symmetricom TimeProvider 5000 manuals available for free ... PTP Grand Master Port IP ... Synchronization for Next Generation Networks Boundary clocks act as ”intermediaries’ between a PTP grandmaster and its PTP clients. Boundary clocks typically live at the edge of the network and receive their primary reference from an upstream grandmaster while simultaneously serving as a master to the downstream PTP clients in the network.