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This Function is the endpoint we identified in the Twilio Dashboard. Its purpose is to simply receive a message sent from Twilio and extract some of the fields that we receive. That extracted information is then used to populate our Model Class UserMessage. The fields are simply a username (the WhatsApp phone number) and message. Dec 09, 2019 · An API Gateway is critical to help take the load off the main business application as well as providing a way to implement multiple Chatbot intermediaries without rewriting the business logic. In this example we will make a request to WhatsApp. Twilio will forward that onto the API Gateway. Update Twilio WhatsApp API callback We're almost there now. The final task we need to perform is to update the API endpoint stored in the Twilio dashboard and replace the callback with the URL of our published Azure Function. Create a new controller which will handle requests from Twilio, on a new endpoing 'api/twilio' instead of the default 'api/messages' used for requests from Azure Bot Service Channels. By adding an additional endpoint to your bot, you can accept requests from Bot Service channels, as well as from Twilio, using the same bot. Jul 16, 2019 · Hello everyone, Welcome to my another blog, here i am going to discuss on one of my cool project ‘Whatsapp integration with S/4HANA’.We all know most probably whatsapp is one of most used messaging app now a day people use for business as well as personal use.