Winston logger filename

In the node.js, there are lots of logging library available but you need to choose one who is best for your application. For this tutorial, we are going to use the Winston NPM library for the node.js logging. logger. info (message)}} // A custom logger interface that wraps winston, making it easy to instrument // code and still possible to replace winston in the future. module. exports. debug = module. exports. log = function {logger. debug. apply (logger, formatLogArguments (arguments))} module. exports. info = function {logger. info. apply (logger, formatLogArguments (arguments))} Apr 18, 2018 · // // `logger` is the default container in winston, but you can also create your // own containers. // const { format, loggers, transports} = require (' winston ') // // The `add` method takes a string as a unique id we can later use to retrieve // the logger we configured. Aug 30, 2018 · Winston is one of the most popular logging libraries available for Node.js. It has a large and robust feature set that is easy to install, configure, and use. Among its many features are the ability to use multiple transports, create custom transports, stream logs, and query logs. Working with multiple Loggers in winston. Often in larger, more complex, applications it is necessary to have multiple logger instances with different settings. Each logger is responsible for a different feature area (or category). This is exposed in winston in two ways: through winston.loggers and instances of winston.Container.